Holiday / Jamcruise 1 & 2 Wrapup

Howdy, everyone!

I'm just back from my first vacation in 12 years (and of course, I worked...), and feeling much better about things in general. Something about the combination of clear blue water, good music, friendly faces and rum - it resets your soul, thank God.

While on vacation, I had the opportunities to work and play with some great musicians, who I'd like to give ink and some shouts to.

First stop, 12/31 Jacksonville, FL - The Free Bird Cafe I opened for 2 of my favorite bands, the Greyhounds and Mofro. Seen Mofro several times (Hey, JJ!), and they keep getting better. This was a scene - 800 people singing every word of "Florida". Look for a new Mofro record this summer...

Next, as a warm-up for the boat, I was fortunate enough to be included on a bill with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe (he be making funky stink nightly, that brother...), and a wonderful new band from Athens, GA called Tishamingo (full disclosure here - my buddy Joe Hanan manages them - even if he didn't, the band would still be amazing). We played to a packed house in Fort Lauderdale, and the following day...

Jamcruise - What do I say about my first festival and my first cruise all in one?

"Yahoo!!! Lemme on the 2005 boat, please!"

Amazing music, best vibe and people I've encountered in more than 10 years, Green Mountain coffee (incredible stuff), and the chance to play records for almost 2,000 music freaks in the middle of the Caribbean. I'm speechless.

Thank you to Annabel Lukins, Joe Hanan, Mark Brown, and Josh from Jomo for taking a chance on someone they never heard of. Huge thanks to Chris Sorley, Kit Blanchard and the amazing production team for making me sound like a rock star.

Looking to Summer 2004!
I'm now chasing the 2004 Festival season full-throttle - High Sierra, Berkfest, the Joshua Tree Festival, Voodoo Fest, and The Big Chill Festival in the UK are all on my radar this year. Wish me luck...