Casualties of Jazz @ Lava Lounge

Hey y'all... Lots going on.

Tonight, Friday December 3rd, I'm playing at The Lava Lounge with one of my favorite projects of this year, the Casualties of Jazz. If you're not hip to COJ, then download their version of Black Sabbath's "The Wizard," get small, and then come to the show tonight. Cheap door - $5 if you're rich, $3 if you're broke. I'm opening @ 9:15, band @ 10.15 -ish, and then me again, closing out the night with some rock, jazz funk and heavy soul.

Thanks to Jimmy from COJ and JJ Blair (svengali, dog lover, obsessive-compulsive) for bringing me on.

FULL DISCLOSURE - it is real Hollywood - it's dodgy.

So, because it's December (what with the Holiday rush and all), muggings are available by appointment only (courtesy of LA Muggers), and they have 5 different packages for you to choose from. From experience, I can tell you the Platinum Mugging Package (nicknamed "The Muggie") is the way to go. $795.00 actually includes the mugging, verbal abuse, menacing, and 1 night of "observation" at Los Angeles General Hospital. These days more than ever, you get what you pay for.

Fresh news about NYE, Jazzfest, the Jamcruise and my rash - all next week!

Peace and a lovely weekend to you all.

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