DJ MEDI4 MIX - Love's Great Ocean

Love's Great Ocean - mp3

My very first crack at a proper "chill-out" mix, done originally in 2005. In the hundreds of sets I've done over the years, it remains my very favorite. I feel blessed to have been bright enough to actually record it down, and even more blessed to know you're listening to it (and enjoying it...).

As always, the mix is about song selection and the overall vibe; no fancy tricks or sudden moves here.

I hope this mix does for you what it does for me, still, after literally hundreds of listens...

Enjoy it and be well.

DJ Medi4

1. Jeff Buckley - Corpus Christi Carol (1994) Not much you can say about the late Jeff Buckley that can't be summed up in this track. Sounds like a Goth angel crying for redemption...

2. Dot Allison - Tomorrow Never Comes (1999) I was a big fan of the late 90's project One Dove (their album "Morning Dove White"should be a must-own for fans of trip-hop, ambient techno, etc - super cheap on Amazon).

3. Sarah Vaughan - The Mystery Of Man (1984) Not only is this track LIVE, but the lyrics are actually the writings of Pope John Paul II, and arranged and conducted by Lalo Schifrin. Mind-blowing that those 3 came together!

4. KD Lang - Love's Great Ocean (2000) This is one of those records that might slip past you, if you're not paying attention. Lush production over her vocals should make you come back to it. I met her in a cafe here in LA about 5 years ago, and was actually speechless...

5. Madredeus - A Lira - Solidao no Oceano (Afterlife Remix) (2002) Taken from their remix album, their fans either loved the record, or hated it. It's difficult to argue with Afterlife's lush Ibiza-like take on this.

6. Kenny Rankin - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (1976) A rare moment when KR doesn't make me shudder. Produced by Don Costa (father of Nikka Costa, and a legendary producer), this one is done live in the studio. Tastefully done...

7. Kate Bush - The Man With The Child In His Eyes (1978) From the first album, produced by Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd, who also discovered her.

8. The Sundays - Folk Song (1997) I would listen to Harriet Wheeler sing the phone book.

9. Rufus Wainwright - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (2001) An incredible cover of the Hollies tune. I keep screaming about production - well, check this one out. This one brings a tear to my eyes. Taken from the "Zoolander" soundtrack, strangely enough.

10. A Race of Angels - Afrika Displaced (2004) Tough one to figger out. All I know is my buddy, Sebastian Morton, produced this neo-soul ballad. The album is called Broadcast #1, and is well worth finding.

11. Jakatta featuring Beth Hirsch - One Fine Day (2004) Beth did vocals on the first Air record, and although it borders on cheesy, this tune is a chill-out classic.

12. Lemon Jelly - Soft (2001) Based lovingly around a Chicago sample, I paid top dollar for the 7" single back in the day, only to have them release it 3 years later on the album "Nice Weather For Ducks". Please buy everything LJ puts out - they're one of the few electronic acts that deserve your money.

13. Seal - Show Me (1991) The first Seal record is a desert-island-disc for me. He and Trevor Horn made a classic.

14. Annie Lennox - Waiting in Vain (Live @ the BBC, 2000) A very rare acoustic recording of her Bob Marley cover.

15. Mariza - O Gente Da Minha Terra (2002) Many of you won't be familiar with Mariza, or Portuguese Fado music. It's the national music of Portugal, and for many years, strictly a man's game. Mariza smashed all perceptions of what Fado was, and really opened the doors for a worldwide Fado audience. She tours the US - don't miss it.

16. Jose Feliciano - Light My Fire (1969) This won the Grammy for Best Pop Song in '69, and it easily stands the test of time. "LMF" has been covered dozens of times, but Jimmy Morrison was heard to say that Jose's was his favorite.

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