This has nothing to do with anything, I warn you now

Alright, I opened for Beck twice this month (that story below). I'm about to give you a cool song, so bear with me.

So, I'm cleaning house musically, and really digging through my back catalog. I've never been a music guy that hordes music. I'm always at a loss for space, so I've learned that if I want new stuff, some of the old stuff gotta go. Rammstein, Depeche Mode and any compilation with the phrase "Acid Jazz" have to go. But enough about me. Let's talk about a gentleman named Paul Goddard from Alabama.

Remember a time before MTV, when guys like Paul could join a band, make a record, go on tour and get laid? C'mon 'ya geezers, get nostalgic with me! Paul was the bass player in a band called Atlanta Rhythm Section, whose members were in another one-hit wonder band, Classics IV. They did a track called "Spooky", which was lovingly covered by Dusty Springield (well worth finding, btw...).

ARS's biggest hit, was "I'm So Into You", a lovely little slice of genuinely groovy Southern rock n' roll. It is here for your pleasure, not for profit. And Paul, if you're out there, good for you, brother - I hope you got some booty on the bus. I decided not to sell the ARS cd to Amoeba Music on Sunset. Great store, regardless. I'm hoping if I plug 'em enough, they'll give me the employee discount.

Did I mention I opened for Beck twice this month? How bout that stuff! My name got brought up to Beck's management, and they went for it. His new record "Guero" comes out March 29, and he was working out the new material at a couple of "secret shows" here in Hollywood (thanks to the internet and the cell phone there are no "secret shows" anymore).

Both nights at Club 1650 (which may or may not be closed now - I heard bankruptcy) were packed. 600 + each night, with different support. The first night was Har Mar Superstar, the second, a cool rock band called Louis the XIV. It's cool to get the same reactions to The Bar-Kays' "Holy Ghost" and Trouble Funk one night as you get to The Pretenders "Tattooed Love Boys" and Bowie's BBC live version of "Hang On To Yourself" the next night.

If for some reason you don't know about T-Funk and the Washington DC Go-Go Scene, please click on this here link. It'll take you to Big Mike McNasty's website, which be all about the Go-Go. Go-Go is NOT for the funk newbie, btw. It is dirty, get down music, and generally not for whitey. Some people, however (cough! Mike Dillon! cough! Yo, Mike! Can we get a So Cal BMX/Dead Kenny G's show, please?)...

Beck played 80% new stuff, which was well-received. Surprisingly funky and hard. Heard the leak of the new record. People can say what they want - a few folks I know have said "it's his attempt at remaining relevant and sell some records...". I really like the record. I especially like the lead-off track "Brazilica". He's a great songwriter, period- "Sea Change" really proved that to me again. I really disliked the record at first listen. Many of my favorite records have had that effect on me - they're growers, y'know? If you enjoyed the more melancholy, acoustic vibe of "Sea Change", I encourage you to hunt down the Japanese bonus track, "Ship In A Bottle". It may be the prettiest song I've ever heard.

Much thanks to Beck, his management, and the nice folks at 1650 in Hollywood...

I'll be announcing my first Jazzfest '05 dates soon... Wish me luck.

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