Colorado w/Soulive, NorCal w/Ozrics

It's For You!

"Promoters & Agents, when DJ Medi4 calls, pick up the phone! It's for you..."

My secretary Millie and I are happy to announce my March 2005 Tour Dates, and give you some updates.

First, I'm heading back to Colorado to support Soulive on some dates. I recently saw the band for the first time since

I'd opened up for them at the Knit in LA, almost 2 years ago. Whew...

The addition of a horn section (featuring Sam Kininger, who's got his own band, as well) has done wonders for the band. It feels looser and tighter at the same time, if that's possible. Denver has confirmed, and I'm close on Vail, Breck and Aspen. I love playing Colorado...

DJ Medi4 Supporting Soulive
March 18-19 Denver, CO @ Cervante's Masterpiece

Confirming Aspen (20th), Vail (22nd), and Breck (23) this week

Here's a wacky one for you... I'm supporting Ozric Tentacles for two dates in Northern California! I saw them for the first time when they did 2 So Cal shows last year, and my mind was blown. It is music that could go anywhere at anytime - no genre boundaries. There could be rock elements within deep dub sounds, trance elements within sprawling worldsounds. Incredible stuff, really. It is quite possibly the best music I've ever heard for the chemically-impaired, and I'm honored to have been given the task of support. This will be one of the rare ocassions I actually map out a set well in advance. Thanks to the nice folks at Entourage Talent, and Brandi from Ozrics for the nod - I'm ready for the ride.

DJ Medi4 Supporting Ozric Tentacles (visit their site for downloads and a better idea of what they are ...and what they're on)

March 29 Sacramento, CA (Harlow's)
March 30 San Francisco, CA (The Indpendent)

PS. On a funny note, I've been told by 2 friends not to drink anything that's offered to me, and if I eat anything backstage, I should ask what's in it before I eat it...

Speak with y'all soon.

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