Ozric Tentacles Mashup

Did I mention I got to support Ozric Tentacles in Northern California in late March? Big thanks to the folks at Harlow's in Sacramento, and the amazing Independent in San Francisco (always a great line-up month after month).

In the spirit of the Ozrics (if you haven't seen them yet, please make it a point), here's a mashup called "Hidden Tentacles" done by my buddy Gingersteve in the UK. It takes Bjork's accapella of "Hidden Place" and places it lovingly over the Ozric's "Feng Shui" to make a wonderful piece of work. Cheers, Steve. Keep 'em coming.

Big shout out to the GYBO boys and girls - your work is inspiring...

Enjoy the tune, say hello to Steve, and Bjork, don't sue me. Anyone wants it down, let me know.

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