DJ MEDI4 MIX - The Spring Twister

The 2005 Spring Funk Twister - mp3
WARNING - THIS IS A BIG FILE! I'm trying to decide between file size and sound quality - if you have an opinion about the subject, lemme know.)

So, here's some music. A new mix, "The 2005 Spring Funk Twister", for your listening pleasure. All-over-the-place - again. B-boy grooves are represented alongside some of the finest new-school bootleg producers; '70's deep soundtrack cuts collide with rare James Brown family grooves, with some druggy rock & roll, just to keep it real.

Don't overthink it. I didn't. I toil too long over my mixes, and wanted to keep this under 48 hours spent from beginning to end. Eh. Download the mix, and tell me how I did. The mix, is NOT FOR PROFIT, and if any artists on the mix wish me to remove it, I will. Here's the tracklisting...

  • The Doors/Bossarocker (2004 White Label) - Top 10 track for me last year - dark & cool.
  • Freelance Hellraiser/It Aint Hard to Break On Through (Nas/It Aint Hard To Tell vs The Doors/ Break On Through) - One of the best bootleggers on the planet. Period.
  • Trouble Funk/Drop The Bomb - The DC go-go scene is WAY underrepresented. Recognize.
  • Abnormal Yellow Band/Beaval Summit - Thanks to Pete from Jelly Jazz for the Turn-On...
  • Coldcut/Party (and Bullshit) - The 1989 release "What's that Noise?" is a blueprint for the future of electronic music. Think it's really out-of-print now... Someone re-issue it, please!
  • Jurassic 5/Acetate Prophets - So much respect for outstanding production skills...
  • Feature Cast/Channel Surfing featuring Kool Keith - I don't know much about FC - do you?
  • Major Force Five/The Re-Return of the Original (Cut Chemist remix)
  • Los Chicharrons/Psychedelic Fox - Dirty, bluesy and all-over-the-place
  • Jimi Hendrix/Ezy Rider - Gem from the Jimi catalog - may be one of his funkiest moments...
  • Howard University Marching Band/Got To Get You Into My Life - Thanks to Howard U for this!
  • Quincy Jones/Money Runner - Quincy, once again, reminding us why he's a legend.
  • Skeewiff/Cop Show - Stealing generously from the above Quincy track, still brilliant.
  • Dunproofin/Casbah Wonder (Stevie Wonder/Everything Is Alright vs The Clash/Rock The Casbah) - This brilliant mash-up makes me happy in my pants. Thanks, Dun.
  • Bobby Byrd & the JBs/Signed, Sealed & Delivered (live) - Rare tune from the JB's catalog.
  • Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings/Got A Thing On My Mind - Maybe THE finest funk outfit around today - currently touring the States. Click the link, see the show.
  • Big Boss Man/Humanize - Another slab of dirtiness from the UK.
  • Julie Andrews vs Hexstatic/Sound of Music - Hexstatic (from the Ninja Tune camp) always suprises. Do check out the new CD/DVD of his.
A great example of a Medi4 Set Break set. Twisted, funky fun – don’t overthink it. Just play it real loud on your iPod.


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