Shall we chat about the New Mastersounds again?

Right, back on track now. Sorry it took so long. Up my own bum, I suppose. Maybe just enjoying the Summer too much...

Shall we chat about the New Mastersounds again?
Yes, we shall.

Since we've last talked, the New Mastersounds have done what I'd hoped they'd do. They came to America, and blew people away. We did the dates in Chicago with local promoters Silver Wrapper for their anniversary show. Amazing that over 200 people show up for 2 bands/dj's they'd never heard of. Big thanks to everyone at Silver Wrapper for making it happen.

A few months later in late June, the NMS found themselves in California for the first time. With 3 LA-based shows (the Lava Lounge, Temple Bar & Root Down) and 1 night in San Francisco (my brother from another mother, Alex, had the good foresight to bring them to the Boom Boom Room), so by the time they got to High Sierra Music Festival, they were on fire! It was nothing but positive reviews for them, especially seeing as they played 3 times that weekend. People were talking about them like they were the best thing since the Greyboy All-Stars - high praise, indeed.

For you, my friends. A new track from the amazing New Mastersounds.

Sorry folks - this tune has been taken down. A German label is putting it out on a 7" single, and we all know how many 7" German singles are sold in the US. It's like taking money out of the pocket, and we can't have that (even though it's about .10$ worth). Please write the New Mastersounds, and tell them to sell MP3 downloads through their site, huh?

What a tune. Over 6 minutes long, and if'n you ain't dancing, you're on the wrong website.

Lastly, a BIG congrats to the band and David Vandenburg in Chicago for getting them a US booking agent. Madison House Booking (who handle all the biggies) picked them up, which means you'll see them everywhere Summer '06. Rest up boys, the hippies await!

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