DJ MEDI4 MIX - The Troubadour

The Troubadour - mp3
This mix comes from the back end (literally) of several really bad relationships. It is the sound of wounds healing, and hopes for the future. I hope you enjoy the story it tells. If you manage the time, please play this disc in one setting.

  • Lindsey Buckingham – Big Love (live acoustic) (Warner Brothers/1999) Very different than the original studio take, this version will make you reconsider Buckingham as a guitarist.
  • David Gray – Please Forgive Me (ATO Records/1999) It took 6 years, 3 albums, and 1 really nasty breakup to get David to break in America. Now, maybe a bit overplayed, but White Ladder is a perfect Sunday morning album.
  • The Beatles – Norwegian Wood (Capitol, 1965) Quite possibly the best song about not getting any ever.
  • Oasis – Where Did It All Go Wrong (unreleased version/2000) Again we dip into the vaults to find what ends up on the commercial releases isn’t always what’s best. This version was rejected by Epic, but approved by me.
  • Travis – Driftwood (Epic/1999)
  • Nick Drake – The Thoughts of Mary Jane (Hannibal/1969)
  • Bread – Diary (Elektra/1972) A very guilty pleasure. Please by a copy of The Best of Bread.
  • Coldplay – Trouble (Nettwerk/2000) A really exciting band with legs. It’ll be interesting to hear these guys in another 4 albums.
  • Dave Matthews Band – Typical Situation (RCA/1994)
  • John Martyn – Sold Air (Island/1973) Although Eddie Vedder & Michael Stipe made mumbling fashionable in the 1990’s, John Martyn may have started the trend.
  • Gomez – Revolutionary Time (Virgin/1999) Why haven’t I seen Gomez yet? ‘
  • Crowded House – Weather With You (Capitol, 1991) One of my favorite songwriters.
  • Thrillcat – Strange Thing I Feel (Justice/1993) Saw this great little band from Austin, TX when I was working for WKSR at Kent State University back in the day.
  • Cat Stevens – Wild World (A&M/1970) Some of my music-snob buddies gave me crap for including this classic tune. Un-romantic fascists…
  • Richard Ashcroft – You On My Mind (In My Dreams) (Virgin/2000)
  • Radiohead – Bulletproof (I Wish I Was) (Capitol, 1995) I cannot say anything new about RH that hasn’t been said already a million times. Brilliant.
  • Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (MCA/1973) See the previous statement, replacing “RH” with “EJ”. Please don’t sleep on Bernie Taupin’s lyrics…
Hope you enjoy it. - Medi4

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