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Hey there everyone ...

Went and worked on my music consultation biz in the Fall & Winter of '05/'06, and am proud to say that my corporate/retail focused site, Big Influence Music.com, is now up and running.

Also back in the biz of playing shows, as the NOLA Jazzfest is coming. Bigger and better than ever, we hope. I'll be posting my show list ASAIC (as soon as I can) - wish me luck.

Yes, I'm on My Space. Be my friend.

Last blog I posted on My Space was from March 3. 06 - here 'tis. I'll post a Top List for April ASAIC, too.

Top Single Tracks (in no order, with no rhyme or reason either)

  • Spank Rock - Backyard Betty (Big Dada/Ninja Tune, 2006) Best on a big system. Dirty, breakbeat hip hop.
  • Joe Cocker - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (A&M Records, 1969) Saw "Layercake" this week - another killer UK Crime/gang film in the Guy Ritchie-school of filmmaking. This was used beautifully over the end credits. Features a young Jimmy Page on guitar, and a wonderful keys solofrom Steve Winwood...
  • El Barto & Liam B - Michael Jackson Is The Devil (mp3) Cheeky mashup takingMJ's vocals from "Black & White" and tastefully laying them over the Stones'"Sympathy For The Devil". In key, on time and never gets obnoxious.
  • The Slim Allen 3 - Harris County Lineup (taken generously from a killer US-based funk and souljazz site, hammondbeat.com - if you're funky and into live music, get in there! A treasure awaits you.) Tune-wise, it ain't gonna change the world, but it will shake some asses. Quality.
  • Anything, seemingly, re-edited by Todd Terje. Cannot find the man's website to save my life, but the Swede has great ears. His re-edits of MJ "Couldn't Help It", Titanic's "Macumba", and Barrabas' "High Life" are all stellar, and all very DJ Medi4 friendly. Wherever you are, TT, you 'da man.

Top Albums
  • Ishvara (Aka Ishq) - Magic Square of the Sun (Self-released) I will listen to anything Ishq (ishq.org) puts out. Beautiful ambient music that won't put you to sleep. Highly recommended.
  • Pop Ambient 2003-2006 (Kompakt Records/Germany) Kompakt is THE name in Techno, but you won't find beats in this series. Running the gamut from spooky to beautiful, these are wonderful introductions Ambient music, as it stands today.
  • AYB (Abnormal Yellow Band) - Lost Breaks (P-Vine Records/Japan) Japanese producer collective, making what can best described as "Modern Day B-Boy Music". Funky and all over the place, well worth seeking out.
  • The Bamboos - Step It Up (Ubiquity Records/US) Spoken for by Keb Darge,Kenny Dope (from Masters at Work) and Quantic, rest assured you're getting some raw, quality funk here. Hailing from Australia, this is their first full length. Hats off to band leader and producer Lance Ferguson and his Bamboo Shack label in Melbourne. Keep turning out this level of stuff, and you're a legend in the making.
  • The Artic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (Domino) - Sounds like Bowie fronting Franz with a member of The Specials producing ...in a good way.
  • Young Holt Unlimited - Young Holt Plays Superfly (Paula Records, 1973 and re-issued by P-Vine Japan in 2003) Originally known for being Ramsey Lewis'backing band in the early '60's, this was YHU's last album. Sounds much better on vinyl than CD, these tunes and arrangements were made for the warmth that analog gave and digital took away.
  • Last but far from least, The Baker Brothers - In With The Out Crowd - Live (Peddler Records/UK) A monster of a live funk band recorded a beast of a live show. A MUST HAVE.

Played LACMA this past week for their 40th B-day party - Thanks to Charlie and DJ T-Bird for bringing me on. Recorded some of the show, and will be posting it ASAIC (ha-ha).

Stay tuned.

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