Whoops. I've angered a German (or two)

The last New Mastersounds post I had up, with a lovely new tune from them (Give Me A Minute Pts 1 & 2) has been taken down. Sorry. As it turns out, Germans like Funk too, and there's a German label putting the record out. So, I've taken it down, and in place of, here's a live tune, compliments of NMS drummer Simon Allen (thanks for the tune, Si).

"Can't Hold Me Down"
Live at the HiFi Club, Leeds, March 24, 2005, featuring Sam Bell on percussion.

Those of you in Colorado, please do what you can to make it to Aspen for Jazz Aspen over Labor Day weekend. Some great bands in town that weekend, including Widespread Panic, Galactic, Karl Denson, Particle and others. Worth putting up with the Aspen honkeys for. Goddamn, that's one white-ass town...

Speaking of Colorado, look for some DJ Medi4 CO dates in the very near future, my friends!

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