2007 Bonnaroo Silent Disco Mix - early set

'ello, Groovers...

2007 was my third Bonnaroo in a row, and I couldn't be more honored. The crowds are always bezerk and ready for anything/everything musically.

So I literally throw everything at them. This one starts with some rock, hip hop, funk, and classics - then veers into the direction of the hour to come. Dark and funky and representative of the super-diverse crowd the 'Roo attracts...

DJ Medi4 - Bonnaroo 2007 Volume 1 (Early Set) Tracklisting

1. Rare Earth - Celebrate 1971 (maybe my favorite opening tune)
2. Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath - Whole Lotta Jigglin'/Sabbath 2007
3. Wolfmother - Love Train 2006 (really funky and dirty)
4. Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls (Z-Trip remix) 2007
5. DJ Zebra - National Bridge (Radiohead vs Fergie) 2006
6. CHAOS - Crazy Adidas (Run DMC vs Buckcherry) 2006
7. Arty Fufkin - Been Caught Stealing Your Rump 2005
8. DJ Moule - Crosstown Underground 2006
9. Free - All Right Now (re-edit) 1970
10. B-Boy Breaks
11. James Brown vs Beck & Peter Gabriel - Godfather of Soulhammer 2007
12. Paul Simon - Late In The Evening Remix 2005
13. The Turtles - Happy Together (re-edit) 1967
14. Missy Elliot - We Run This (X-Press 2 Remix) 2006
15. I:Cube featuring The RZA - Can You Deal With That? 2007
16. Khia - My Neck, My White Horse remix (DIRTY! NOT SAFE FOR WORK) 2006
17. MIA - Bucky Done Gun (instrumental & vocal) 2005

The Silent Disco was sponsored last year by KOSS Headphones, and they did an amazing job, considering the amount of wireless devices being used on-site (production AND cell phones take up a lot of BW). 500 kids, to the blind eye, dancing to nothing. There's always a wait to get in, and people stay for HOURS (which is always the sign of quality, no?)...

Here's a Megaupload download link. If you're not a "premium member" you'll have to wait 45 seconds to get the DL to start, but what's 45 seconds? If for some reason the link expires, someone please email me at info@djmedi4.com, and I'll re-up. Fiddling with the FTP server today, and should have it available to listen to from here shortly.


Thanks for listening & Rock On!

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