The Scenic Sessions - Volume One (chilled organic rock)

As many a friend can attest to, I've been threatening to begin a mix series called "Scenic" for years. In 2006, I was on the road with Soulive, driving through Colorado. Making my first trip from Denver to Aspen (in the Fall, no less), I had the iPod programmed with many of the tunes found in this mix.

Musically, this one is chilled-out rock, or rock-based.

To be honest, after selecting and mixing records for this long, I'm less and less hung up about labels, and "what it means". As always, the goal is not to think too much, don't f&%$ with the records too much, just program them, and present them in a way that honors their spirit, and make them beautiful parts of a whole (mix).

Looking strictly at the artist lineup, many of you may be surprised to find U2, Seal & Tears For Fears. Throw that notion out your window, and focus on the overall vibe of the mix.

For now, enjoy "The Scenic Sessions - Volume One (chilled organic)"

Black Sabbath - Fluff
Jefferson Airplane - Embryonic Journey
We All Together - Cloudy Night
William Shatner (featuring Ben Folds) - It Hasn't Happened Yet
Dire Straits - Private Land ("Private Investigation" re-edit)
Tears For Fears - Swords & Knives
Three Dog Night - Easy To Be Hard
Chris Coco (featuring Peter Green) - Albatross
The Police - Tea In The Sahara
Judy Tszuki vs Pink Floyd - Breathe With Me 'Till Dawn (bootleg)
My Morning Jacket - I Will Sing You Songs (live)
Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song
Seal - Still Love Remains
U2 - The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down The Crazy River
Chicago - Wishing You Were Here
Bad Company - Seagull

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